Brendan Schaub Hates One Dimensional Wrestlers In Lesnar’s Camp | Steve Rattlesnake

What?s your source of discontent with Lesnar?s camp, is it just because they?re all individualistic? What is it, is it a personal thing?

Brendan Schaub: Uh, maybe a little. You know, I just? You know, what do they do, man? It?s all meatheads, right? So, you got all stud wrestlers. You know what they are is a modern-day Hammer House. You know what I?m saying? Like, they get together, it?s all these big dinosaurs pushing and wrestling each other around, and heaven forbid they should bring in a striker or bring in a guy to teach them to evolve their game. You know, they?re really not evolving. You can say Brock?s evolved with his jiu-jitsu because he submitted Carwin with a head-and-arm choke. It?s not like he armbarred the guy or did an ankle lock or something. They?re just not evolving, man, and I think the sport of mixed martial arts is more like guys like Georges St-Pierre, guys like Nate Marquardt or myself, who are well-rounded, they can do everything. When I?m in camp, I?m constantly training, trying to improve my game and get better at all aspects. Can?t say the same for those guys. You know, they go in there and they wrestle. And, you know, he?s doing well with it, but I think the sport needs to continue to grow, and I don?t think they help the sport grow.